Leaders face many complex challenges nowadays. Digitization, culture change, fading away of established business models, increasing demands of employees, and cost cutting are just a few examples on the agenda of many leaders. Even though initiating and driving change has become a top priority in many organizations, there is a lack of concepts and tools that really make a difference. Many well-known change concepts exist for 10 years+ and are quite outdated in today’s fast paced corporate world.

Now neuroleadership comes into play. It provides knowledge and concepts that are life-changing. Neuroleadership can truly help leaders to transform individuals, teams and organizations.


What is neuroleadership?

Neuroleadership brings neuroscientific knowledge into the areas of leadership consulting, leadership coaching, leadership development, talent development, and change management. With concepts, tools and knowledge based on neuroleadership, leaders and employees can reflect and change their own thoughts, behaviors and emotions.


What do you need to know about neuroleadership?

Humans have 60.000 to 70.000 thoughts in one day. 90% of them are the same every day.

70% of people’s thoughts and feelings are negative. By the time of 35 years 95% of who we are, are old memorized behaviors, unconscious emotional reactions, hardwired attitude, beliefs, and perceptions. We are on autopilot, having the same routines every day. Do we really want to be on autopilot most of the day? Probably not.


The good news, we can change!

Our brain is alive and is able to adapt and change. This is called neuroplasticity in neuroscience. We can also build new neural networks in our brain and can even let go old neural networks, for example if we want to unlearn improper behavior. Did you know, that we are using 5 % of our conscious mind to go against 95% of what we have memorized? With the right tools and knowledge, you can use these 5% very effectively.


8  benefits of neuroleadership

Leaders and employees

  1. are able to reflect and change their own thoughts, behaviors and emotions
  2. can learn new habits and unlearn old habits
  3. see possibilities instead of challenges
  4. have tools and knowledge to move from stress to creation mode
  5. understand how their brain works and can increase their performance
  6. are focused and make better decisions
  7. have tools to increase emotional intelligence
  8. are healthier and more fulfilled


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About Heidi Hofer

Heidi Hofer is a consultant for leadership teams who want to make their organization fit for the future. She supports, provides orientation, and develops strategies for a working environment characterized by human-centric leadership, individual development, and meaningful structures. This working environment then serves as the basis for healthy growth, full potential development, and sustainable success. She has profound industry expertise in the areas of tech, e-commerce, and digital.