5 Ways to Be A Great Leader


Being the smartest person in the room was a success for many leaders just a few years ago. Achieving a senior job title, a certain salary and career level was a great goal to accomplish. And suddenly leadership has changed significantly and not all companies and leaders have already realized it. Simon Sinek, bestselling [...]

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Leadership in Times of Change


Along with the new working world, leadership has been in change for several years.  Hierarchies are crumbling, status symbols are losing value, an innovative culture is becoming more important, and employees have a continuously increasing demand for leadership.   Why is Leadership in Change? Nowadays, employees no longer want to be motivated but inspired. They [...]

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8 Benefits Organizations Love About Neuroleadership


Leaders face many complex challenges nowadays. Digitization, culture change, fading away of established business models, increasing demands of employees, and cost cutting are just a few examples on the agenda of many leaders. Even though initiating and driving change has become a top priority in many organizations, there is a lack of concepts and tools [...]

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Next Generation of Leaders


It is about time to make a decision, what impact we would like to have in our world. We are all the next generation of leaders. No matter what age, no matter what job, no matter what race, no matter what gender. We are all leaders of our life. Every single one of us can [...]

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12 Characteristics of a Successful Leadership Culture


There are very few companies that are actively grappling with the question: “How do we lead our employees?” But this is precisely the difference between companies that live up to their full potential and companies that simply let that potential lie fallow while they hang around in mediocrity. Good leadership is a key motivating factor [...]

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How are your employees doing? 12 questions for every executive team


It seems like a banal question, but it's one with huge implications: How are your employees doing? It’s astounding how rarely companies ask themselves this question. As if human well-being was a minor issue. Our working world is characterized by clear priorities: Profit and power, followed by human well-being way down low in the [...]

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Leadership: holding you back or helping you to fly


What sets successful companies apart? It’s not their sales and it’s not their product. It’s their leadership culture. Many companies tolerate bad leadership. Successful companies don’t and do everything within their power to create a positive leadership culture. Leadership can cause a company to flourish or it can hold it back. The decision lies ultimately [...]

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Loving control?


Our work world is built on evaluations. Job descriptions, annual performance reviews, setting goals, keeping track of time, and, last but not least, leadership. All serve the goal of keeping employees in check to ensure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. In many companies, leaders are still acting like hall monitors: they [...]

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Why Change Projects so Often Fail


Everything was planned so well, project and schedule planning was discussed over the course of many meetings. Milestones were defined. The PowerPoint presentation had great graphics. Management prepared a motivational speech. And then the inevitable happened: The change project didn’t work as planned. Completely unforeseen situations occur that no one is prepared for. Employees [...]

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