It seems like a banal question, but it’s one with huge implications: How are your employees doing?

It’s astounding how rarely companies ask themselves this question. As if human well-being was a minor issue. Our working world is characterized by clear priorities: Profit and power, followed by human well-being way down low in the rankings.

But this is precisely why we’re seeing growing unrest in some companies. People don’t want to feel bound by rigid structures or submit to hierarchical systems. They feel a drive towards more personal development and freedom. However, only very few companies have the courage to throw their old ways of thinking and acting overboard.

12 questions for every executive team:

  1. How’s the motivation among our employees?
  2. What are our employees proud of?
  3. How clearly do employees understand the meaningful nature of their work?
  4. How strongly do our employees identify with our company?
  5. How high is their trust in our company?
  6. How well do employees trust their managers and colleagues?
  7. How do we live out authentic humanity?
  8. How do we show appreciation?
  9. What successes do our employees experience?
  10. What’s the underlying feeling in our organization?
  11. What priorities do our employees have?
  12. What opportunities for development are open to our employees?

Take stock on these 12 points, then define where you’d like to be on these individual issues in 12 months. Don’t worry about doing an employee survey. It’s better to speak to a variety of employees personally. This is much more effective.

Give these topics time and attention, and start internal discussions on them regularly.

Your employees will thank you.

Yours, Heidi Hofer.


About Heidi Hofer

Heidi Hofer is a consultant for leadership teams who want to make their organization fit for the future. She supports, provides orientation, and develops strategies for a working environment characterized by human-centric leadership, individual development, and meaningful structures. This working environment then serves as the basis for healthy growth, full potential development, and sustainable success. She has profound industry expertise in the areas of tech, e-commerce, and digital.