What sets successful companies apart? It’s not their sales and it’s not their product. It’s their leadership culture.

Many companies tolerate bad leadership. Successful companies don’t and do everything within their power to create a positive leadership culture. Leadership can cause a company to flourish or it can hold it back. The decision lies ultimately with the CEO.

So what does successful leadership culture involve?

  • leadership values based on the company’s values
  • leaders who are good role models
  • clear compliance with expectations for leadership roles
  • regular, constructive feedback on leadership, ideally 360°
  • a selection process for deciding if someone has leadership potential; being a technical specialist isn’t enough
  • a mindset driven by the need to help others succeed
  • regular development programs for leaders, designed to strengthen their personalities and mindsets
  • leaders that create a sense of belonging and orientation
  • HR as coach and sparring partner for leaders

A good leadership culture is visible. As soon as you enter a company, a restaurant, a shop, or a hotel, you immediately notice whether it is well led.

How do you recognize a strong leadership culture when you see it?

  • the positive motivation of the staff
  • the friendly, helpful, and appreciative manner with which they treat each other
  • the above-average customer service orientation
  • believing that each person is making an important contribution
  • enthusiasm for your own work and for the company

Leadership culture has no room for egos, competition, or envy. Creating this is hard work and requires a clear strategy.

So invest in your leadership culture. Your staff will thank you for it.

Yours, Heidi Hofer.


About Heidi Hofer

Heidi Hofer is a consultant for leadership teams who want to make their organization fit for the future. She supports, provides orientation, and develops strategies for a working environment characterized by human-centric leadership, individual development, and meaningful structures. This working environment then serves as the basis for healthy growth, full potential development, and sustainable success. She has profound industry expertise in the areas of tech, e-commerce, and digital.