It is about time to make a decision, what impact we would like to have in our world.

We are all the next generation of leaders. No matter what age, no matter what job, no matter what race, no matter what gender. We are all leaders of our life. Every single one of us can make a positive impact every day. It is our individual choice. Every day we can choose, how we want to treat ourselves, how we want to treat other people and how we want to contribute to our environment including nature.

More than ever it is important that we reflect on our spoken words, thoughts, behaviors and emotions. More than ever it is important to become aware and make decisions that serve humanity in a positive way.

We are currently facing big challenges for humanity. We live in a time of extremes. And companies can play a major role in supporting humanity by moving from a money-driven approach to a human-centric approach. In our world profit is more important than wellbeing of humans. That’s the biggest mindset shift we have to overcome.

Imagine, if companies set sustainable development goals that support humanity, for example health or climate. This is not about donating money, it is about creating an awareness, changing behavior and anchor it in the internal culture. It is not a customer-centric approach, as this is related to profit. It is a human approach. A world many people are longing for, if we put our ego aside. Richard Branson said: “Explore this next great frontier where the boundaries between work and higher purpose are merging into one. Where doing good really is good for your business.”

We need role models that are brave enough to lead that shift. I’m very glad and inspired to see that more and more CEOs and leaders take on this responsibility and define leadership in a whole new way. It is not about egocentric power, success, bonuses, job titles and company cars. It is about making a positive impact and build an environment where people can thrive and flourish. These new role models are able to think bigger than their current environment, structures and possibilities. They are able to connect their brain and heart. They are able to start a positive movement. They are able to make us aware and influence our thoughts and behaviors in a positive way. They inspire us even if they are much younger than us. They are brave enough to tell the truth and are a role model for how to lead change. They are purpose driven and their purpose is evolving humans.

Make a decision, what kind of leader you want to be. The world is ready for a whole new way of leadership. Join the movement. Be an inspiring leader in your life and for your team. Have a positive impact in your environment. Every day.

Yours, Heidi Hofer.


About Heidi Hofer

Heidi Hofer is a consultant for leadership teams who want to make their organization fit for the future. She supports, provides orientation, and develops strategies for a working environment characterized by human-centric leadership, individual development, and meaningful structures. This working environment then serves as the basis for healthy growth, full potential development, and sustainable success. She has profound industry expertise in the areas of tech, e-commerce, and digital.